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Horror Movies and STIGMA

By Megan Wimsatt

October is here and that means horror movies are going to be playing on television and in theaters again. Although the topic of mental illness and how it is represented in horror movies has been talked about before, it does not make it any less important. With Mental Illness Awareness Week in the first full week of October, and NAMI’s theme of “CureStigma” this year, the stigma of mental illness in horror movies is pretty relevant.

"If it's the season for comfort and joy, why do I feel so sad?"

If you’ve ever had this thought, you are not alone. For people struggling with depression, seasonal affective disorder, addiction, or a recent loss, holiday cheer can seem like a cruel joke. The rest of the world seems to be rejoicing while you’re struggling to get through the day. Every Christmas carol seems to mock your inability to share the joy, and festive gatherings only highlight your isolation. 

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