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WRAP, Spring 2014

By: Marcus R. Jensen

Which do you choose when you go the grocery store, paper or plastic?  It’s a matter of personal preference or choice.  Well, now, for someone who has a mental illness, or other life problem, there is a choice.  They can choose between doing a WRAP and not doing one.  WRAP stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan. WRAP is a program developed by Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland and promoted by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to assist people who have a mental illness with their recovery and maintenance.  However, it has been found to be very effective for numerous life problems, large or small.  Wrap has also been used to solve some business operational difficulties. 

The design of WRAP is such that, in the development of the WRAP,  it leads the individual to solutions to whatever they have applied it to.   Mini WRAP’s have been developed for everything from weight loss, diabetes, money management, to quitting smoking.  On May 8, 2014, NAMI Wood County will be offering an eight week class on WRAP development.     

 As of yet, there are no “cures” for mental illness; however, recovery is possible.  Today, there are medications and programs/plans that allow an individual to live a normal productive life and be able to return to their place in society.  New discoveries in medications and treatments have changed so much of what was common when an individual was diagnosed with a mental illness.  Mental illness recovery is now the norm whereas only a decade or so ago hospital confinement was the norm.  Like so many other illnesses, with proper treatment and planning, mental illness can be only a “bump in the road”.  The WRAP program is part of the planning phase.

In doing a WRAP, an individual will sit down and write out, with assistance, a plan to maintain their healthy lifestyle.  The plan includes six different parts which include: daily maintenance, triggers, early warning signs, when things are braking down, crisis plan, and post crisis plan.  The individual is encouraged to recognize what their life is like at each of the stages and write what needs to be done to maintain or return to their healthy state.  In looking at the different stages, one can see that everyone does this all the time without thinking about it.  The individual with a mental illness needs the reinforcement of the written material.

NAMI of Wood County is now offering the WRAP program with trained WRAP Facilitators Marcus R. Jensen and Lottie Wilson. If you have any questions or would like any additional information as to the WRAP program or any of the programs offered by NAMI, please call (419) 352-0626 or stop by the office 541 West Wooster, Bowling Green, OH.





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