PreBurn Results

PreBurn has sadly come to an end, but don't worry, the AfterBurn is just around the corner! We want to take the time to thank everyone that participated and went the social distance with us! We appreciate all who submitted their results and photos, your support does not go unnoticed.

With that said.... the results are in! The top three males and females with the best times have been awarded, along with some other fun awards, such as longest distance, most scenic route etc.

Take a look at the chart below indicating the participants and their time!

First Name Last Name Sex Award Result Mode
Brittany Asmus F First Place Female 0:24:18 Run
Kendra Weekley F Second Place Female 0:24:22 Run
Holly Gilsdorf F Third Place Female 0:28:20 Run
Samantha Damstetter F Outstanding Training Partner 0:33:50 Run
Ashley Hartman F Best Team Leader 0:34:30 Run
Katherine Shanahan F Burning Up the Tunes 0:42:18 Run
Shari Schmitt F Burning Up the Treadmill 0:48:07 Run
Jessica Hartman F Most Ride-Alongs 0:56:20 Walk
Autumn Fonseca F Best Research Trio 1:04:32 Walk
Stephanie Wonnell F Best Research Trio 1:04:32 Walk
Summer Fonseca F Best Research Trio 1:04:32 Walk
Courtney Rice F Rocks Head Bands 1:05:42 Walk
Taylor Carpenter F Most Hydrated 1:26:16 Walk
Carol Asmus F Founding Member 1:39:43 Walk
Cathy Thompson F Most Scenic Route 4:25:32 Hike
Megan Asmus-Leather F Most Modes of Transportation 0:33:43 Bike
Erin White F Most Local Landmarks 1:13:46 Bike
Bryan Asmus M First Place Male 0:20:07 Run
Edgar Andrus M Second Place Male 0:24:24 Run
Dierre Cody M Third Place Male 0:27:19 Run
Kevin Hartman M Best Use of Visor 0:28:25 Run
Matt Rice M No Training, No Choice 0:36:12 Run
Edward Thompson M Most Scenic Route 4:25:32 Hike
Daniel Mellen M Burning Up the Bike 0:22:49 Bike

Look at all these participants!

NAMI thanks you for all your hard work!

Lets go the social distance together! We got this!